• Car Fuses 220 pcs
    Car Fuses 220 pcs Car Fuses 220 pcs Car Fuses 220 pcs

A car fuse is an electrical safety device designed to protect the wiring and electrical components of a vehicle from overload or short circuit.

It consists of a fusible conductor within an insulating housing. If too much current flows through the fuse, the conductor melts, interrupting the electrical flow and preventing damage to wiring or electronic components.

Car fuses are essential components of a vehicle's electrical system and come in various current ratings to protect different circuits. They are typically housed in a fuse box that is easily accessible for diagnosis and replacement.

contents of the set 220 pcs of mini and standard

10x 5AMP standard 10x 5AMP mini

10x 7.5AMP standard 10x 7.5AMP mini

16x 10AMP standard 20x 10AMP mini

16x 15AMP standard 20x 15AMP mini

16x 20AMP standard 20x 20AMP mini

16x 25AMP standard 20x 25AMP mini

16x 30AMP standard 20x 30AMP mini

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Car Fuses 220 pcs

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